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How to fit heated handlebar grips Why bother? An assortment of combination spanners ideally mm , or Allen keys mm to remove the fuel tank and hide the wiring. Phillips cross-head or Pozidrive screwdrivers to remove handlebar end-weights and loosen the battery terminals.

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December 11, Hey all, I got a problem with the Winch on our quad. We own a Polaris Sportsman , I believe , and it has a winch on it Not sure of the brand, looks no-name we used the winch last year to put a plowblade on the front of our quad for our driveway. The only thing the winch did was pull that plowblade up and down, we didn’t even have a chance to pull any stuck quads with it. So this year I hook up the plow blade, and use the rocker switch to let out a couple feet of winch cable so I can connect it to the plowblade.

I stick the cable on the plowblade, and when I go to pull the cable back in, the motor just makes a sound, like a mix between and electric motor and a grinding noise. So, I flip to free-spool on the winch and let a few feet out, just in case the cable was tangled. I flip the switch off of free-spool, but it still will not take the line in or out.

So, my dad called the dealership that sold it to us, and the dealership said to get a new contactor, which we did. My dad also got a new winch. We installed the new contactor, and the new winch, and when we test it out the winch makes the same bloomin’ noise! So now we are stumped. We need the winch working so we can clear our driveway of snow, but even with a new contactor, and a new winch it still refuses to work.

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Jan 04,  · Go ahead and make a connector for your shield and plug it in. Put the ground wire next to the other brown grounds You can then check for voltage @ the RCA plug by putting the leads on the outside shield of the connector and then the second lead inside the RCA plug.

I rewired the electronic control box so I could control it from adash mounted switch and connector I installed insted of using the ones in the control box. Polaris uses a common wiring color code for all sleds I say unregulated because it is attached directly to the magento so it varies from say 5 VDC to as much as 35 or so depending on RPM.

Unless you have electric start and a battery this is your only option for interfacing to your visor control box. I installed mine behind the key switch where there are factory connectors for options like electric start, voltage regulator, and other items. You may have to remove your airbox to see them well. These connectors you purchase will slide directly into the yellow and brown female spade connectors on the factory harness. A good spot to mount the box for you would be just below the key switch area but above your left foot, that way you can acess the control box from outside through air vents in the plastic shroud.

I would use some good quality nylon zip ties to attach the box to the steel framming located behind the plastic.

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Sep 29,  · It’s all hooked up for the electric shield with the arctic cat plug and play set-up, but I am hoping to find a good dependable dash mount deal. Duane raceguy is offline.

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