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He is expected to make a full recovery in due course. Latvia Maris Strombergs is known by a nickname he earned by being the only man to win BMX gold at the Games since the cycling race was introduced as a medal event in Beijing in He repeated in in London. But the run came to an end during a windy, crash-filled quarterfinal round in Rio on Thursday. Strombergs barely missed the cut. In the unpredictable sport of BMX cycling, where races last just about 40 seconds, a strong start means a lot. Get to the front after the first turn, and there’s a good chance a rider will be able to avoid the kind of wreck filled chaos that marked the action in the men’s quarterfinal round at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics on a breezy afternoon. Someones loss is someone elses gain.

David Haye: Going vegan made me stronger than I’ve ever been

June 7, Photo: Devin Feil John Hicks has been doing video content for us lately and the reception has been crazy. John is an incredibly talented videographer, an animal on his bike and a great guy to hang out with so I sat him down for an interview.

I am a avid BMXer and do alot of traveling all over the places doing BMX races. Check my photo’s out on localhost:81’s web site or even come down and watch me .

He was born August 17, , in Wenatchee to Don R. He received his education at Wenatchee schools, graduating from Wenatchee High School. He attended the ROTC program and taught a class for women students in self defense. Scott was very involved with sport activities, including football, basketball, baseball and was on the Buddy Werner Ski Racing Team. He began riding motorcycles at age seven. His motocross racing continued through college and into the last big race held in the Seattle Kingdome.

Scott was also very involved with bicycle motocross racing.

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Though this could technically be read as a standalone, I wouldn’t suggest it just because you get follow up and a major question from Bullet book 1 answered. The novella Bones stars nice guy Cam. He’s a little spacey the resident ginger of Blue Boy Studio and a porn veteran at 25 years old. For some reason, I though this story was going to be light. And it was deceptively so in the beginning.

Cam continues to have a fuck buddy relationship 3.

Everyone is talking about the latest hip-hop tracks, but you only listen to rock and are clueless. When someone asks if you like The Weeknd, you reply: One of your oldest friends is a total reg.

I punch harder than ever. It is prime boxer speak: Haye and Gjergjaj at the fight venue, the O2 London Credit: Mike Marsland He did consider it, but chose instead to have full reconstructive surgery, a procedure that required months of rehabilitation. In order to stave off doubts, Haye decided to see himself almost entirely anew, researching training methods and well-being techniques that might give him an edge when he — eventually — got back in the ring.

Whenever I felt negative I tricked my brain into finding the good things in that situation, using it as a chance to develop. Reuters The first and arguably biggest change Haye made was dietary, deciding towards the end of to entirely cut animal products from his diet. Everyone should try it for one or two days a week. To those questioning how a vegan could be so strong, he points to the animal kingdom.

The only different is they eat so much more than we do. Living in the city, he says, it can seem impossible to find silence and switch off. It isn’t easy to not think about anything, but you need to learn to clear it and focus your energy. I used to focus my mind and send love to my shoulder. It definitely helped, or I thought it did.

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I changed my profile picture on Facebook and this bitch called me 7 times, texted me 5 times, and messaged me 10 times in a rage. This other girl is a lying cunt. Fuck it, I’ll post the story about the second girl since I already posted the story about the first girl, and the story about the second girl is pretty much done at this point. I’m probably going to regret this but I need to let it out.

There were a fucking shit ton of red flags I was too blind to see, so it should be entertaining for you guys. Also, she’s been brought up many times on these forums before.

Rex sounded like a professional BMXer while he was commenting on the gnarly jumps on the trail. Here’s the full video. Just a few days ago, GoPro announced that Rex’s cute video actually won an award!

BMX icon Dave Mirra dies at 41 Mirra’s body was found in a truck in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina, about 4 p. Thursday, shortly after he visited friends in the area, Greenville police said. That total, which included one medal from rally car racing, the discipline he focused on after BMX retirement, was surpassed in by skateboarder Bob Burnquist. Read More “We mourn the loss today of a great friend and wonderful human being who touched the lives of so many around the world with his gift,” Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas said in a news release.

People we lost in Photos: People we lost in Hide Caption 1 of Photos: People we lost in Debbie Reynolds , one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the s and s, died December 28, one day after her daughter, actress Carrie Fisher, passed away. Hide Caption 2 of Photos: People we lost in Actress Carrie Fisher , best known for her role as Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” franchises, died December 27, according to her daughter’s publicist.

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The more important question is, why are you going out with someone who isn’t treating you like The Prize?!? As girls and women, we ARE the prize, you know. But what if we just don’t feel pretty enough, smart enough, slim enough, educated, monied, talented enough to be anyone’s “prize”? Go here to learn some excellent ways to “act as if”: It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that maybe there are other boys out there who might spot you, see you’re their type, pursue you, ask you out on NICE DATES, and adore being with you.

So he’s taking an awful lot for granted, and you’re letting him.

Jul 12,  · BMXer hit at I10 and De Zavala Had just come from dropping off video games at the Blockbuster in front of Home Depot, sitting at the light at I10 and witnessed a young 20 year old male on a BMX crossing the frontage road get hit by a car that was turning from De Zavala.

Game website — BMXStreets. The game, similar to King of Dirt and BMX Streets is a first person game that allows you to customize bikes and throw down on all sorts of different setups from trails to ramps and street. Your skill and imagination are the only limits to the tricks you can pull off! Impress your friends by uploading your best runs to YouTube and Facebook. At Illusion Labs we only release games that we are extremely proud of. We feel that BMX is the pinnacle of our productions to date!

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Audrina Patridge has split from her boyfriend Corey Bohan after five years of on-and-off dating, a source close to the reality star tells Us Weekly. The couple got married on November 5, On September 20, , Patridge filed for divorce from Bohan and filed a restraining order against him.

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